• Welcome to CSOP
    Welcome to CSOP
    A community of peacebuilders from all faiths, countries and identity groups.
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    Free Class Sampler Video
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    Join us on social media or check out our profiles page
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    2018 CSOP registration is now open
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    Free E-Book
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Each year Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP), an institute of Canadian Mennonite University, invites the peacebuilders of the world to gather in Winnipeg, Canada, for a selection of five-day courses in June. Come take a course or two for professional and personal development or for academic credit. We offer courses from local, national and international peacebuilders, to serve practitioners, professionals, activists, students, non-governmental organizations, and faith-based groups. Consider learning with this international network in various approaches to peacebuilding, justice, reconciliation, conflict resolution, and development – or join our email network today.

Valerie Smith and Wendy Kroeker, Co-Directors