Voices of Harmony and Dissent:
How Peacebuilders are Transforming Their Worlds

These stories of those who
passionately pursue peace
dare us to envision what kind of peace action may be possible for each one of us.
Voices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders Are Transforming Their Worlds is an informative and thought-provoking resource from the world-renowned Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP).  
For a full listing of the authors, see below.

This volume teaches again and again one vital insight: peacebuilding in deeply divided communities requires a special combination of radical thinking, creative imagination and engaged action.

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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What the Experts are Saying:

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    "This book stands out because it reflects and charts the creativity, energy and relevance of the field for global peacemaking. ”

    -Tom Woodhouse, author Contemporary Conflict Resolution 

    "This is a book of wisdom... Even the experience of reading these essays can prompt a greater peace .”
    -John Borrows Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law at the University of Victoria Law School

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    These stories and essays intimately and powerfully convey two fundamental truths. The first is that history changes only through the actions of people who decide it has to change... The second truth is that the human spirit is worth struggling for, day after day, year after year, no matter whether we are successful or not. In this work, which joins us at the heart, we will always find joy, even in the harshest of external circumstances. 

    - Margaret J. Wheatley, bestselling author Leadership and the New Science

    Voices of Harmony and Dissent holds the heart of how social change happens--people who believe deeply, develop significant relationships, and have the courage to engage together. Each and every chapter provides lessons and inspiration and, most importantly, has a deep resonance that rises from these voices of hard-won experience and reflective practice, an authenticity that touches the reader and points us toward the kind of learning that really makes a difference in our world. 
    - John Paul Lederach, author The Moral Imagination 

  • Simply wringing your hands over the state of the world is not going to change anything. It's real action that changes the world, and this book gives the reader advice from people who wake up every day and do the hard work of building peace. Bravo!

    - Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    This book is an empowering patchwork of rich voices of harmony and dissent... It is a book you can dip into here and there on a plane or before bed. This is because it is a compilation that lets the journey be your own in connecting up the many strands of wisdom it contains. All of us can be much better peacebuilders if we take that journey of the connections with this sumptuous volume.
    - John Braithwaite, author of Crime, Shame and Reintegration 

Authors & Editors

  This book has been a labour of love.  These are wise teachers from many cultures and traditions.  It has been an honour just to work with them. The authors and editors will receive no royalties from this book.  This book is a fundraiser for Canadian School of Peacebuilding.

Ovide Mercredi                        Mubarak Awad                       Stuart Clark
Former National Chief of the     founder of the National Youth        Recently retired as the Senior       of First Assembly Nations       Advocate Program, the Palestinian         Policy Advisor to the                                                                    Center for the Study of Nonviolence     Canadian Foodgrains Bank  and, Nonviolence International

       David Dyck                                        Martin Entz                                 Harry J. Hubener
 Owner and partner              Professor of “natural systems              Emeritus Professor of
        of Facilitated Solutions                 agriculture”University of                Philosophy and Theology
   a Manitoba-based conflict    Manitoba’s faculty of agricultural     Director of Interfaith Initiatives,
              resolution firm
                               and food sciences                 Canadian Mennonite University

Ouyporn Khuankaew                        George  Lakey                               Ivo Marković
Co-founded International        Co-founder of Training for          Bosnian Franciscan, a musician,
    Women’sPartnership for       Change  and author of seven           Professor of Pastoral Theology,
Peace and Justice,Thailand               books on nonviolent                       Sarajevo University    

social change

 Maxine Matilpi                                   Stan McKay                              Sophia Murphy
             Kwakiutl First Nation                Aboriginal educator             Writer, public speaker,       Women’s Studies, First Nations      Canada’s first Aboriginal     advocate and lecturer  who works Studies, Vancouver Island Univ             Moderator of the United          on food security, agriculture,
Church  of Canada                trade international development                                                                             

Piet Meiring                                   Kay Pranis                                        Karen Ridd
Appointed by President Mandela               Trainer and author                            Trainer and teacher at    South African Truth and                       on using circles in peace             Menno Simons College,
Reconciliation Commissioner (TRC),    and restorative justice        Canadian Mennonite University
Emeritus Professorof Theology                                                                           Training for Change, and              University of Pretoria                                                                                                      Resolution Skills Centre     
BOOK EDITORSRichard McCutcheon                               Jarem Sawatsky                                Valerie Smith
Associate Professor of Law           Author, professor, and former                   Co-Director, Canadian
 and Politics and Academic           Co-Director, Canadian School                School of Peacebuilding,
  Dean, Algoma University                          of Peacebuilding,                         former MCC Peace Worker

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Themes covered in the chapters include: women and peacebuilding, nonviolent action for social change, restorative justice, indigneous approaches to change, spirituality and creative arts, circle process, food security. mediation, inter-cultural peacework, truth and reconcilation...

Each chapter, authored by different peace leaders, explores these 3 difmension of peacebuilding

  1. Stories of inspiring peace work
  2. Tools and strategies of peacebuilding in a variety of settings.
  3. Resources that have helped shape,and insipire the author's peace practices 

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foreword, introduction) from the book.

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