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All courses can be taken for training or for undergraduate credit. In addition, courses marked with an asterisk (*) can also be taken for graduate credit and can be used towards CMU's new MA in Peace and Collaborative Development (Click here for more information on the MA-PCD). Each CSOP course runs for 5 days, Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Participants may apply for only one course each week and may apply for one week or for two weeks.


SESSION I: June 13 – 17, 2016


Reconciling Our Future: Stories of Kanata and Canada*

Instructor: Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair, with guest presenter John Ralston Saul
PCTS/ENGL/POLS–3950C and PCD–5190C

Undergrad Syllabus

Graduate Syllabus

While Canada has become a great nation-state, it has not yet come close to the original Iroquoian word Kanata, a "village." This is embodied in the recorded words and actions of Indigenous peoples throughout history, who have struggled for over two centuries to have their voices and gifts heard in history books, governmental policies, and the well-respected stories of this nation. The original foundations of Kanata are, however, there if we look, listen, and dialogue about what we see. In this course we will look at how Indigenous peoples have shaped Canada politically, socially, culturally, and economically—while providing unique, sustainable, and bountiful visions of a future for all.  John Ralston Saul will be joining the course for one day as a guest presenter.

John Ralston Saul will deliver a public lecture titled "Living with Uncertainty: The Road to Peace" on Tuesday, June 14 at 7:00 PM. [ FULL DETAILS ]  

The Biblical Story of Hope and Healing*

Instructor: Dan Epp-Tiessen
BTS/PCTS–3295C and BTS/PCD–5080C

Undergrad Syllabus

Graduate Syllabus

In order to face the challenges of our world, peacemakers must be people of hope. This course will explore the biblical story of healing and hope, focussing on how this story can nurture a spirituality and faith that are personally transformative and empower Christians to be agents of God’s healing power in a hurting world. The course will examine biblical themes such as God as creator, prophetic visions of hope, God’s reign/kingdom as initiated by Jesus, resurrection, and God’s sustaining presence in human life, always asking how these biblical resources can be empowering for the challenges of peacemaking, justice work, and creation care.


Peace Skills Practice

Instructor: Natasha Mohammed


Throughout this course participants will examine a variety of approaches to dealing with conflict in diverse locations such as: first party conflicts (responding to your own conflicts), third party conflicts (helping others in conflict) and learning to recognize the cultural elements of conflict resolution (moving beyond your own culture). Students will practice the role of the peacebuilder in situations when gossip, venting, and advice-seeking is being experienced.


SESSION II: June 20 – 24, 2016


Arts and Peacebuilding

Instructor: Dessa Quesada-Palm


Our bodies, voices and minds are all parts of the ways in which we respond to the various interst and opinions that we have.  We thwart the development of a culture of peace without the practice of crticial thinking, open dialogue, and the freedom to own one's creativity. In this course, the group will explore the theory and practice of the arts and peacebuilding in an interactive format. Using drama, creative writing, music, visual and movement, students will examine the role and responsibility of the artist in envisioning, enhance dialogue, healing and transcending conflict. 


Psychosocial Trauma Healing*

Instructor: Al Fuertes
PCTS/PSYC–3950C and PCD–5190C

Undergrad Syllabus

Graduate Syllabus

This course provides participants with a thorough overview of the complex issues of trauma and healing within socio-historical and cultural contexts.  Participants will explore the social-psychological-neurobiological-physical-spiritual processes of responding to deep personal loss, pain and suffering in settings of protracted, violent conflict, as well as examine recently developed approaches to the healing of individuals and communities as they move from violence or war to justpeace. Participants will explore the theoretical bases through narratives and case examples from a variety of international settings and engage in practical exercises to demonstrate approaches to trauma recovery.  



Peace Building Through Community Development*sDSC_2329

Instructors: Michael Bopp and Judie Bopp
PCTS/IDS/POLS–3950C and PCD–5390C

Undergrad Syllabus

Graduate Syllabus

This course will provide an overview of the development field, emphasizing approaches to development that are based in holistic, culturally-centered, and participatory approaches. Effective practice models and strategies will be drawn from the presenters’ work in over twenty countries around the world and more than a dozen Canadian First Nations. Case studies from the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum in Ontario and the Himat Indigenous Leadership and Development Program in northern Pakistan will be examined.


Peacemaking Circles: Philosophy and Applications – CANCELLED

Instructor: Kay Pranis

This course will explore the values and philosophy that provide the foundation of the peacemaking circle process, acknowledging its indigenous origins. It will also analyze the structure of the peacemaking circle process and describe a variety of types of circles. The course will provide examples of the use of the process in the justice system, social services, faith communities, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and families. The course will be conducted in the peacemaking circle format and will be highly interactive, using the life experience of all the participants as a teaching resource. Special attention will be given to the role of the facilitator and the key skills of circle facilitation.

To hear what past participants are saying about the Canadian School of Peacebuilding, take a look at this video:
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