Here's what participants are saying about their experience at the Canadian School of Peacebuilding…

  • "CSOP is an opportunity to be challenged; to receive with open hands the insights, reflections, questions, and connections offered from fellow participants from all over the world. It’s a profoundly unique space of inquiry and dialogue, and of relationship that crosses boundaries and boarders. Indeed, CSOP itself plants the seeds of peace."

“In this transitional point in my life, CSOP was exactly what I needed to re-energize me and my knowledge and love for peacebuilding in this beautiful world.” – Kathleen Kopp

“It is a place for anyone who is interested in justice and peace. It is highly dedicated to peace work. If you happen to be a peace builder or peace activist, I recommend you come here to diversify and deepen your experience for the better of your career and a peaceful world.” – Melaku Tamrat

“CSOP is an opportunity to be challenged; to receive with open hands the insights, reflections, questions, and connections offered from fellow participants from all over the world. It’s a profoundly unique space of inquiry and dialogue, and of relationship that crosses boundaries and borders. Indeed, CSOP itself plants the seeds of peace.”

“CSOP is an opportunity to build radical and vulnerable relationships in a mutual learning environment. I have been challenged and inspired this week as we have learned about power and limitations in peacebuilding.” – Marnie Klassen

“As a Muslim travelling here during the month of Ramadan, I was a little bit nervous, and I was not sure what the training content, participants, and instructors would be like, but it’s really amazing that people from different parts of the world shared their views, in a very friendly and professional way, and the comparisons and analysis of what would be the best approach to adopt in my country’s situation. I feel that I am not away from my home. It’s just like a second home for me now.” – Faisal Nadeem Khawaja

“The quality of instructors is first rate. CSOP hires instructors who are top in their fields and also excellent instructors.” – Lenora Yarkie

“World peace is not impossible but it’s hard to achieve, and programs like CSOP are the best way of achieving it. CSOP is not just a bunch of people who gather around; CSOP is a family who gets together to learn.” – Ali Mokhtarian Dalouei

“CSOP has been vibrant! The learning community that was able to come together in a week was really special. I learned as much from my classmates from across disciplines as I did from my thoughtful and dedicated instructors, and as much in the coffee breaks and I did in the classroom. CSOP drew together an astounding group of people and orchestrated a really amazing experience for us all.” – Louisa Hofer

“Try it. You will quickly recognize the beauty and the spirit of understanding among CSOP participants.” – Doris Wurtz

“The strength of CSOP lies in their expertise in the role conflict and trauma play in shaping individual and collective peoples. The ability to transform thoughts and actions toward peace initiatives is one of hope and renewal.”

“Coming to CSOP is much more than just coming to CMU to take a course. It is an immersion into the fragile world of peacebuilding. The beauty of it, though, is that you don’t go it alone, but you journey with a whole community.” – Doug Klassen

“The act of engaging these topics with people from many different nationalities and religious backgrounds is as important as the content of the classes.  Peacebuilding happens face-to-face, and CSOP facilitates that very well! – Joe Heikman

“Be open and prepared to have a truly transformative experience.” – Natalie Copps

“CSOP is a well-organized, well-run, intensive week of learning from expert academics who have a passion for peacebuilding.  The engagement with the teachers and students from around the world representing a variety of cultures and experiences make this a unique and enriching time of reflection and learning.  I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who would want to broaden their interest in unifying humanity in the challenge of understanding one another in spite of differences.” – Rudy Friesen

"CSOP is an opportunity to learn from wise, experienced peacebuilders in a diverse and unique learning environment." Chris Klassen

"Choose your course and prepare for it with an intentional 'unpreparedness' of expectations, and an openness of mind.  It is nearly impossible to expect the depth that each course offers!"

"CSOP is a place, a safe place, for individuals from all walks of life to come together and walk alongside each other for a brief, but powerful time.  The connections made, and conversations have woven together a group of strangers, that are strangers together no longer and who might stay together for a good deal of time afterward." Desiree Penner

"A safe place where students from all over the world can study and learn from each other as well as their instructors.  To build peaceful communities, we need dedicated skills-based training and a geographical place for that training to take place.  CMU offers all this." Marg Armstrong

"My week at CSOP has been an incredible opportunity to meet and make friends with people whose stories I will take with me always.  I have been inspired by the strength and trust amongst the community here, and have seen how quickly complete strangers can become a family.  Although we may be separated by continents or oceans in the future, CSOP is a great reminder of how connected we all are through humanity and hope." – Rosalind Crump

"As a First Nations student, I felt my voice was heard, but perhaps more importantly, respected.  I applaud CSOP for creating an oasis for higher learning that gave birth to a safe, open and vibrant community.  As a result, the dialogue allowed people from around the world to not only tolerate the myriad of perspectives, but embrace them.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the CSOP community." – Terrance DeLaronde

"CSOP is an electrifying venue in which to converse about world-changing things.  It is applicable to Christian and non-Christian alike and you will make wonderful and far-reaching connections." – Vlad Matejka

"Come, see and be transformed – I sought for an experience of God, and God has been here." – Aubrey Hemminger

"In my Reconciliation and Forgiveness course I learned skills that I can take back to my workplace, community and family.   I was provoked at an intellectual and emotional level to be a better person. My understanding of conflict is increased by magnitudes."  – Vincent Eagan

"The week-long format allows for deep thinking and, indeed, deep inner work. The concepts touch not only the mind, but also the soul." – Michael Labun

"CSOP has transformative potential – visit with care." – Wendy Young

"When you think of the name 'Canadian School of Peacebuilding' it often is suggestive of a school which teaches peacebuilding courses. However, by virtue of the immense diversity of the participants and instructors, I would suggest that the school itself is a profound act of peacebuilding and a fantastic learning environment." – Matt Dueck


"I could not have imagined how gloriously inspiring this week would be. I cannot think of a single person who should not come or any reason why you would miss this opportunity.  Come if you want to be uplifted, inspired, and surrounded by brilliant, beautiful people." – Amy Beckwith

" A great program to meet and learn from diverse people on peacebuilding perspectives." – Amanpreet Sidhu

"Those who happen not to come from a Mennonite background should not hesitate to enroll. The diversity of the student groups (in age, faith, nationality and professional status) is a great plus for those who attend." – Alexander Patico

"Not only did I learn about peacebuilding in an academic sense but, because of the wisdom and experience of our professor, Ivo Markovic, and other class members, I feel that I grew as a person as well." – Nicole Richard

"Go!  Attend!  This is a week that has the opportunity to transform your world and the world around you!" – Karl Langelotz

"CSOP is an incredible opportunity to hear wisdom from incredible peacemakers from many faiths and countries, and to also be respected for ones own experiences.  It's a practical, inspirational, motivating week of growing, struggling, connecting and building hope." – Anna Bigland-Pritchard

"It's summer camp for adults!" – Audrey Unger

"CSOP is amazing!  The classes and the community of others that are interested in peace is so welcoming and accepting. I would suggest it to anyone who is interested."

"One word would be 'awesome'. Do not miss it." – Ayman Kerols


"CSOP gives you a classroom to not only discuss peace practice, but also dialogue through it – multi-cultural classrooms with lots of connecting points are inspiring and life-giving as you network with peacebuilders from so many contexts.  The air is charged with ideas!" – Jami Reimer

"As an Anglican, I was very impressed with the non-denominational atmosphere and acceptance of all faith traditions. Thank-you."

"The instructors are that rare combination of strong theoretical training combined with practical on-the-ground experience. Five days allows for in-depth learning (intensity plus reasonable breadth). These courses are life-changing."

"The CSOP courses will challenge you, shape you, and change you into a more socially aware citizen of the world." – Ben Borne

"Great experience.  I learned a lot that will make a difference in how I will live my life, relate to people, and contribute to my community and beyond.  In many ways it has changed the course of my life and I am thankful." – Lora Dijk

"Come – it's worth the time and money."

"Come.  It's more than a class – it's a community."

"These instructors are the best in the world. Solid in academic base and equally solid as practitioners." – Donald Sutherland

"A perfect place to learn about the diversity of peace!"

"The people I met in class were fantastic. All were doing their bit to create a better world. There was such a great sense of community. We felt like real friends by the end of the week." – Jean Greatbatch

"CSOP has a lot of potential for networking peacebuilders, for inspiring people to nurture change in their home communities and to learn from people who are already doing this in significant ways." – Stephanie Dueck.

"CSOP is a school that creates space to discuss and explore what it means to build peace in our communities and world.  It brings together practitioners and visionaries of peace and reconciliation to encourage one another and to see God continuing to work in the world." – Ryan Siemens

"This is a great place. I would love to take another course here. The food, atmosphere, teachers were all excellent."  – Wanda M. Guthrie

"Anyone involved in the work of reconciliation in our world would benefit greatly from CSOP!" – Lisa Enns

"This is an opportunity to be transformed by perspectives and stories from around the world that you may otherwise have never even known existed." – Jenna Seguin

"Come and experience the truth and humanity of people from all walks of life; learning and growing together on a journey towards building and experience Ubuntu!" – Felicity Forbister