Lisa Schirch

Ritual and Symbol in Peacebuilding

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By Lisa Schirch Conflict is dramatic. In theater, literature, story telling, and news reporting, it is a powerful mechanism that draws attention, heightens the senses and evokes emotion. Schirch argues that peacebuilding has the potential to do just the same. Examples of peacebuilding often center on the serious, rational negotiations and formal problem-solving efforts in […]

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The Little Book of Dialogue for Difficult Subjects: A Practical, Hands-On Guide

by  //  Saturday, December 9, 2017 @ 4:06 PM  //  Resources

By Lisa Schirch and David Campt The word "dialogue" suffers from over-use, yet its practice is as transforming and as freshly hopeful as ever. Authors Schirch and Campt demonstrate dialogue's life and possibilities in this clear and absorbing manual: "Dialogue allows people in conflict to listen to each other, affirm their common ground, and explore […]

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