Canadian School of Peacebuilding

Waseskun CSOP Bursary established

A distinguishing mark of the Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP) has been creating space for Aboriginal voices.  Each year the CSOP has offered at least one course with a focus on Aboriginal issues of peace and justice. In order to encourage Aboriginal participation at the CSOP and to help make the CSOP a gathering place of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people across Canada, the Waseskun (the Cree word for “the moment after a storm when the sun begins to shine through”) Canadian School of Peacebuilding Bursary has been established to provide financial support to an Aboriginal or Métis participant.

All Aboriginal and Metis CSOP participants are eligible to apply for the Waseskun CSOP Bursary.  Funds for bursary assistance are limited.  CSOP/CMU cannot guarantee any assistance, but will consider and assess each application carefully in relation to all other applications received.  To apply, please submit a completed Waseskun CSOP Bursary Application 2013 along with a CSOP application (